Monday, April 13, 2009


I just got the heliostat mirror module to compile using libraries I created for the the motor control. Sweet. Hopefully the debug will be painless from the conversion.
It's been hard to concentrate in this environment, but it is always favorable as long as I can remember my dear Sri Sri Guru-Gauranga.
My cousin hooked me up with some nearby devotees of Srila Narayana Goswami Maharaja and I met them Friday and heard Uma didi speak. Saturday Radhanatha das gave me a ride to Berkeley and we spent the afternoon doing Hari Nama Sankirtan with about 20 devotees and Uma didi came as well. Sunday night I went again and listened to Hari Katha again.
I tried to do some networking, but it doesn't seem yet like I found any connections for here.
Texas is calling...
...but it's frustrating because its going to be so hard to get there and such a diversion for the heliostat project. I'll end up out in the middle of nowhere at Sadananda's farm, but I'll get to see Srila Gurudeva in May. The big question is what next after that.

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  1. I'm building a heliostat also... although mine is not going to need microcontroller I'm interested to hear more on the details of your project