Friday, April 10, 2009

Homeless Again

Wow, this morning as I got the batteries I had ordered (to run the motors at 24v), I was told that I have to move out. Not quite thrown out on my ass, but almost - one week notice. The way my cousin's husband is acting, I might resort to leaving sooner -- if I can figure out where to go to. Let's see: bank account? $20, wallet $38. It costs $6 just to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. I might have enough gas to get back to Santa Cruz, but what then? I spent all my money on heliostat parts so my car insurance is expired, and I can't get a sticker for my license plate, although I paid the DMV, and my drivers license even expired a couple months ago.
Taking on this heliostat project for me is like a Hail Mary pass in football - if it doesn't work, I've already lost anyway.
I've heard that entrepreneurs have a knack for underestimating the difficulty of doing things. That way they can fool themselves into trying something that no one else wants to do or has already done. That must make me qualified, if not yet successful.

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