Monday, April 20, 2009

Command table strings to EEPROM

Saturday I used some Naval jelly on the new rod and then gave it a nice coat of flat black paint.
I went to the temple last night in Santa Cruz and had a great time as usual. Nothing over the weekend for the email inbox. Observing Ekadasi today, energy is way down. I can really feel the stress of the last week. I'm taking some fruits and nuts to make sure I don't freak out and throw-up like last time!
Added DS1307 code to HelioCommand3 as well as introduced EEPROM routinesBegan to work on command/event loop details FSM details need definition...Worked on little sketch to write EEPROM for command module: frees up memory for other stuff by reducing cmd_tbl size and getting other strings as needed from EEPROM rather than keep them in SRAM. This also has the added benefit of architecting the software for international versions (by isolating all the strings in EEPROM separate from program ROM).
Arghh, I bought a lithium watch battery for the DS1307 but lost it before I even used it. Guess I'll make the prototype supply batter voltage from Vcc. That way I'll make a good UI for setting the clock :)

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