Friday, April 17, 2009

SC gives me the rod!

It was a hard day. I was really sore from tree clearing the last two days. First thing Wednesday morning I helped as everyone pitched in to fell some trees that were already on their way down. We completely limbed the first tree by hand because the chainsaw was out of order. It turned out the trees weren't too dangerous as it took quite a bit of work for us to get them separated from the other trees so they would fall. I had to pull one 60' acacia tree out with my van since it didn't fall when we cut it. Two days of almost non-stop slashing and dragging and piling. At least it probably helped the community feel better about me being here, even though I haven't taken care of any of my own needs, which means I won't have the means to stay.
Finally made it to town today though and sent out some emails. I got really sad because I haven't had any luck getting connected to support myself better. I guess I have to go to Texas. Heliostat wise it was a decent day, I tried a few metal shops on the west side of SC and found a piece of steel rod the right size (1.0625") for the support stand - $10, not bad. It's probably a little over 2' long. The guy that sold it to me weighed it at 7.5 lb before deciding the price. He also touched the rod to a grindstone just to be sure it was steel. Jaya Gurudeva! This was a good move (getting the rod) because I'll probably be a lot harder pressed to find this stuff out on the farm in Texas!
I sanded the frame down and sprayed it with some gray primer and now the old graphics on the bike frame are gone and it is starting to look like it might have some other purpose!
I also spent a little time going through the i2c h-bridge mirror motor module code (got it to compile but that was it)